Progesterone is Not Just for Women with Menopause.


Believe it or not, men need progesterone as much as women. We face increases in oestrogen levels these days due to xeno-oestrogens, which come from pollution and interfere with hormonal balances in both men and women. Progesterone keeps oestrogen under control.

This vital hormone is the mother hormone, playing a major role in the bodies of both men and women. Natural progesterone can be a safe and convenient remedy for a number of health problems, including:

  • pregnancy problems,
  • anxiety, panic attacks
  • hot flushes,
  • acne, menopause,
  • migraines
  • osteoporosis
  • bloating and water retention – it has a diuretic effect
  • low sex drive
  • thyroid function – very beneficial
  • low energy levels – it boosts mood (same effect as Valium)

Progesterone is one of the best anti-cancer remedies around. It is the antagonist to oestrogen and completes this hormonal cycle, because oestrogen is known to “switch on” the BCL2 gene which is a cancer gene. It is highly dangerous when this hormone is unopposed because it causes uncontrolled cellular proliferation and the formation of cancer cells.  Progesterone “switches off” the BCL2 gene and “switches on” a protective gene, the P53 which protects us from cancer.

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