An excerpt from an article by Virginia Hopkins. 

Men are less manly than they used to be. This trend of greater feminized men has more to do with increased levels of oestrogen than decreased levels of testosterone. Now this has its positive effects – greater sensitivity to others, improved communication skills and less inclination to start a bar room brawl- but it also means testosterone levels are lower, sperm counts are lower and they’re fatter. Let us explain.  

The Biochemistry of the Less Manly

The fact that modern men are less manly has everything to do with higher levels of oestrogen than lower levels of testosterone. Oestrogen is the female hormone and testosterone is the male hormone, but the male body produces some oestrogen and the female body produces some testosterone. 

The balance of these hormones becomes compromised when we’re exposed to oestrogen-mimicking chemicals (called xenoestrogens) found in plastics, pesticides, pollution, smog, air fresheners, laundry products, perfumes, body care products, carpeting, furniture and more. The modern man experiences more exposure to oestrogen than any generation before, giving his cells and brain mixed messages about hormone balance. 

Oestrogen counteracts the effects of testosterone, telling the body to hold water, gain fat in the hips and buttocks, lose chest hair and grow breasts. Oestrogen also send the cells “multiply and grow” messages, which is why it is associated with so many cancers. A growing body of evidence shows that oestrogen in men contributes to prostate enlargement and cancer. 

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