Scenar Therapy

Pain, Post-Operative Recovery

A Holistic Form of Treatment

Stimulating the Nervous System

SCENAR (Self-Controlled Enego Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a holistic form of treatment, which stimulates the nervous system and teaches it to heal itself. Electrical impulses, which are similar to endogenous nerve impulses, are transmitted through the skin to the nervous system and revitalizes your body’s natural resources.

The device works by stimulating the nervous system with constantly varying signals “electrical impulses” that operate in the same way as our natural nerve fibres react when coping with the stress of pain or illness. SCENAR impulses provide a boost to the nervous system generating neuropeptides (the body’s internal pharmacy) to speed up the recovery process. 

The SCENAR device works on the principle of biofeedback. The system first measures the activities of the various skin areas. With reference to this information, therapists are then able to locate the most accurate place to treat and define the specific treatment parameters.

The SCENAR employs a highly sophisticated computer software program that automatically senses and measures the electrical activity of the body and then delivers a measured dose of complex electrical waveforms and frequencies directly to the skin in order to correct any imbalances.

Exceptional results are achieved when treating sportsmen and women with immediate injuries and especially if treatment is done as soon as possible after the injury. It is preferable not to shower or bath for two hours before and after SCENAR Therapy, as the optimal effectiveness of the treatment will be disturbed by washing the skin.

Preventative Measures

There are many allergy treatments on the market and a range of natural remedies that give allergy relief. Many people take treatments and medication even before the allergy season starts, to sidestep getting the symptoms altogether.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, its best to start treatment about one to two months before the peak season. It’s also a good idea to avoid food that you might be allergic to and the same goes for the rest of the allergy triggers. Don’t get a cat as a pet if you’re allergic to it, refrain from smelling high pollen flowers if you have seasonal allergies and if you’re allergic to dust, try to avoid dirty places or sweeping with a broom.

Allergies are also often associated with a weak immune or digestive system, so living a healthy lifestyle – more of a plant-based diet and probiotics and fermented foods become even more important. 

Natural Allergy Relief

The Healing Blanket is used to enhance your SCENAR treatment and may also be recommended for use between your SCENAR sessions.

Heal Fast After Surgery

30 MINS – R450
(6 prepaid sessions R 400 each)

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