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Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone is Not Just for Women with Menopause. Believe it or not, men need progesterone as much as women. We face increases in oestrogen levels these days due to xeno-oestrogens, which come from pollution and interfere with hormonal balances in both...

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From Russia with Love

SCENAR Therapy It was dubbed “the Star Trek Device” by the European press, after the all-curing, energetic medical device used on the popular science fiction series. Claims have been made that it cures all types of disorders – circulatory,...

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“When I walked into your treatment rooms I had a terrible chesty cough and was not feeling myself. Thank you, Linda, for your encouragement to get out of bed, full of flu … assuring me I’d feel a lot better. I was greeted by your very professional staff who asked the right questions…. My treatment took one hour and to my amazement, something had shifted – my deep breath fills my lungs with a huge breath of fresh air! I had no symptoms of a chesty cough. I felt incredible! I am still amazed! I’ll be back next week for another super treatment. Yay, no meds!”


“My experiences with Trace Therapy have always been out of this world! Linda is incredible, and I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you haven’t tried it out yet, I can highly recommend it.”


“I felt the benefits of Trace Therapy instantly, as at the time I was recovering from flu and had a few aches and pains. Within one session I felt a definite release in my body and a boost in my immune system. I took my daughter and she loved it and also had an instant boost of energy after her treatment. I highly recommend this very effective treatment.”

Justine Barnes – Yoga Instructor

“Linda is such a friendly helpful person. First time in a while that my daughter slept well. As a scoliosis sufferer, my daughter was in pain daily but because of this treatment, there are days that she has no pain at all, thanks to Linda and her Trace Therapy. She still has to go for a few more sessions but her condition has improved immensely. We tried acupuncture, physiotherapy and shockwave therapy without any success, but Trace Therapy is definitely working for her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Linda, much appreciated and God Bless.”


“For 10 years since moving to Cape Town, I have suffered from asthma ­ I had to use my Ventolin pump twice in the morning/twice at night. I had one treatment with the Scenar machine at Trace Therapy and did not require my inhaler again. Linda said I should do 2 more treatments to recover completely. Now my lung function test at the hospital reads 450 from 150. A healthy lung reading the doctors told me is 500. What a relief to not have to worry all the time that I may have an asthma attack and I now have so much more energy to look after my healthy baby boy due to a medicine free pregnancy.”


“Hey Linda.

So – I didn’t spend too much time discussing my neck pain yesterday, because I didn’t know that it was something that you dealt with. But I have it, and its bad (combination of a crossfit injury magnified by shoulder-stand in yoga without proper rehab).  I’ve been to an osteopath and had kinda resigned myself to having it always because it hasn’t been getting better.  It affects how I move, what I do, how I feel etc.  It’s always there, and its always so sore man. Anyhow, after yesterday, it’s pretty much gone.  Gone.

Wow.  Are you a secret magician?

Thank you:)  I really enjoyed our time together yesterday.”


“Having suffered with back pain and tennis elbow for years I went to Trace Therapy admittedly with a lot of scepticism. I am amazed at the results. I have been pain-free ever since and now a firm believer and would recommend it without hesitation. What a great discovery and what a relief to be out of pain.”


“I used to get pretty much monthly fever blisters and nothing would help reduce them. They could take up to twenty days to heal. Since treating 2 fever blister breakouts with the Scenar at Trace Therapy, I have NOT had one in months and they definitely healed much faster than normal with less inflammation and pain. Very happy with the results and would highly recommend to any fellow sufferers.”


“I used to have breakouts of cold sores fairly often, maybe 2 – 4 times per year with as many as 4 blisters at a time. This has been happening since I was 3 years old. After having the Scenar treatments, I have not had one breakout and it has been over a year now. Thank you ever so much to the therapists at Trace Therapy.”


“I am 100% into alternative forms of therapy, healing or wellness practices. There have been many times when “modern” medicine has failed me, and I have been healed through methods most unconventional. Read the whole article here

Cape Town Vegan

I have now been using your product for 14 days now. So here is some feedback:

I tried everything under the sun for my hot flashes due to menopause. As I had breast cancer due to high levels of oestrogen combined with high-stress levels, I’m not allowed to use any hormonal replacements.  I have tried everything under the sun, this is the only product that has an effect.  My problems are not gone but at least I can have a peaceful night. If I had a bad night I would wake about every 30 – 40 minutes drenched in sweat. A good night would be every 60 to 90 minutes Now after only using the product for 2 weeks, I wake up once or twice. Thank you for giving my sanity back. I’m also following your guidelines to a healthier lifestyle, although most of this I do I’m sure if I stick to the program it will only get better. Thank you for sharing this product with me.

I will shout it from the highest mountains that your product works and that there are NO side effects, NO chemicals, NO inflated pricing and all natural.


“I am currently training towards my first 70.3 Ironman. Good health and recovery is the foundation for any training regime. That is why Linda has been alternating me between Ozone therapy and Infrared Sauna. Both treatments are great for boosting the immune system and promoting healing and recovery. I leave each session feeling light, rejuvenated and ready for more training. Linda is an exceptional healer with a wealth of knowledge in the field of wellness, healing and nutrition. She shows genuine care for all her clients and goes above and beyond.”


“I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain for 4 years now and back in 2013, I had a spinal fusion. The surgery was a success but I am still struggling with post-op nerve and muscle damage. I consulted numerous specialists about it and they all insisted on taking medication and having surgery in the long term. When I heard about Trace Therapy, the first thing that caught my attention was the non-invasive, drug-free part of the therapy. After a few sessions at Trace, my energy levels have gone up and I am feeling like a new person. Thanks to Trace my pain levels have gone down and I am feeling amazing. The treatments are so relaxing and you will always leave feeling completely different from when you walked in.  Everyone on the team is so kind and caring which makes it an even better experience. Absolutely worth it!”

Charlotte Stoltzman

“Thanks to Trace Therapy I no longer have this fear of having to live in an excruciating amount of pain every day. Before I came across Trace Therapy, I tried all means of treatment available to relieve constant back and bone pain. I am beside myself and speechless at the remarkable recovery I have made since the pain has been going on for 7 years. After so many years of suffering, I now feel that I am able to do the extra curricular activities I love doing, and Trace Therapy has helped me find my joy and happiness again in life.”


“As a Type 2 diabetic for a number of years, of whom peripheral Neuropathy has played a part for the last 18 months. Various visits to the doctors and finally a top Neurologist resulted in NO PLAN and a FAT BILL. By accident, I came across an article on “Trace Therapy”. Linda, the drive behind this treatment, who developed her own spinal problems was very positive about the outcome of my problem. She recommended a course of 10 Treatments using two powerful healing machines. I have had 8 so far and can positively say, the circulation of my feet, walking and numbness Have greatly improved. I can honestly say for me it’s wonderful.”


“Thanks for all your concern for Isobel. She is totally unrecognisable from that pale girl who limped painfully into your office several months ago. She went away for the weekend last weekend with her youth group and has come back with a lovely glowing complexion and looks the picture of health. Life is back to normal for her! I still don’t understand the science behind Dr Brinkman’s Metatron machine, but the results speak for themselves… my beautiful girl is healthy again. Thank you so much.”


“5 stars… I was diagnosed with epilepsy last year after months of seizures and loads of hospital visits. CPR, broken ribs, crutches, neck braces and a very terrible car accident while having a seizure. I was put onto so much medication. I was not allowed to drive for months. I became a different person with no life in me. Depressed, anxious. Was very scary. My Neurologist kept adding more medication. My boyfriend who knows Linda recommended I go and see her and the Dr there, Dr Brinkman. So I could get a second opinion, only to find out that I never had epilepsy and I had a parasite in my system causing my seizures.

Dr Brinkman was worried as it had done so much damage. He put me on strong antibiotics and asked me to drink lots of detoxing herbal teas and have special cleanses done by Linda to help rid myself of these toxins and bug. The cleanses are incredible. I have been seizure free since January and have never felt happier. I have so much energy and am now weaning off all of my medication which I never needed in the first place. So no more chronic medication EVER :D. Thank you SO much, Linda and team, for what you have done for me. You have given me my life back. Life is just SO GREAT now.”

Lorien Cher Jarzebowski