Turn Back The Clock

Charm for Aesthetics

Here in South Africa

Trace Therapy is once again at the cutting edge of global health and beauty trends.  We are excited to announce the latest arrival, another first to South Africa – CHARM for Aesthetics! This Russian anti-ageing technique was initially developed as a medical device to help strengthen facial muscles of stroke victims – it was so successful, that it was further developed into a cosmetology device.

Hi-Tech Anti-Ageing Treatment

CHARM is a hi-tech treatment for those who want to turn back the clock. Look and feel 10 years younger in the most natural way possible.

Charm-micro is a cosmetology device designed for lymphatic drainage procedure, bio-magnetic and biomechanical stimulation of the face, neck décolleté area, scalp and for skin microdermabrasion. This tones the muscles, creates blood flow and circulation for a younger looking, glowing skin.

This facial restores energo-informational balance of the body through the microsystem of the face, improves emotional health and addresses aesthetic facial features on the physical level.

The treatment incorporates both micro-abrasion and vibrational procedures, in conjunction with the Bemer or the ULM Blanket to make sure our patients receive the full benefits of the treatment and beauty protocols.  


Look and Feel Younger

60 MINS – R450
(inc Bemer treatment)