In these modern times, our lives are becoming increasingly demanding. There are just so many external factors that hinder healing and wellness. If we want to be healthy, we have to choose to take control and consciously commit to spending time actively healing our bodies. Unavoidable exposure to environmental pollutants, stress, bad diet, food additives, emotional pressure and physical injury are all risks that require serious attention.

I wanted to share with you, the 5 most powerful factors that helped my healing journey. 

Energy Healing

Scenar, Bemer and Trace Touch Therapy (Energy based healing) have been the key modalities that have enhanced the healing process of my body. They keep me pain feel and away from any prescription drugs. 


Progesterone is the ultimate feel-good hormone. Natural progesterone therapy has been instrumental in regulating of my hormone balance and detoxing excess estrogen from my body. I have seen amazing results for the guys too! It is not just a lady’s cream.

Vegan Diet

Veganism is probably the most dramatic change of all and I wish had started this in my twenties as the health benefits are so powerful! One feels lighter and energised, you literally glow as your skin improves. If you fuel your body with love, it will love you back!

This has been an incredible journey for me and I have the reassuring feeling that it is sustainable. A vegan diet puts less impact on our precious earth while nourishing and healing my body. Every day that we eat one less animal product has huge impact on the earth and our healing abilities.

Bodytec South Africa

We need muscles to protect our spine/hips/shoulders and joints. After many years of personal pain and being unable to exercise, Body Tech was a miracle process for me to re-build the muscles and core strength required to live an active pain free life.

Meditate NOT Medicate

Meditation for Deep Healing and Detoxification. This has helped tremendously to calm my moods and give me the mental power to reduce pain and anxiety. We have CDs at Trace Therapy that you can use to help you learn to cope with life and any form of pain.